Wind turbines at dealerships attract EV aficionados


NPS 100-21 at Byers Subaru

Wind turbines at dealerships attract EV aficionados

In October of 2010 Byers Subaru became the first auto dealership in the region to install a commercial scale wind turbine. The NPS 100 stands 150 feet tall,
including the 69 foot rotor, and can produce up to 100 kilowatts. The turbine will typically provide 15 to 50 percent of the electricity needed at any given time depending on wind speed and time of day.

Byers Automotive has been family owned and operated since 1897. Byers is one of central Ohio’s top dealership groups and has 15 locations.

Consumers Want Clean Energy to Power their Electric Cars
According to an Accenture survey, 45% of car buyers said the electricity source will affect their decision to make the purchase, and most said they would buy an electric vehicle (EV) if the electricity came from renewables.

EV customers tend to be tech savvy, trend-setting professionals with high disposable incomes in search of the next big thing. For many, purchasing an EV is a means of saving money on gas and entering the age of sustainability. These individuals are not looking to replace gasoline with electricity produced by other fossil fuels. The NPS 100 demonstrates to customers that their car dealer is “walking the walk” and is part of the solution.

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