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First community in Canada with wind powered wastewater treatment plant

NPS 100-21 at Kensington PEI's Wastewater Treatment Plant

NPS 100-21 at Kensington PEI’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

Harnessing an island’s natural resource: Kensington, PEI

The strong coastal winds that blow on Prince Edward Island (PEI) are no secret — they are part of the scenic landscape that draws visitors from around the world to the beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and the infamous home of “Anne of Green Gables” author, Lucy Maud Montgomery. PEI is home to 133,000 people and over 50 wind turbines that have helped the island stay green by utilizing clean energy and reducing electrical costs. So when it came time for the town of Kensington, a small hamlet in the heart of PEI, to find ways to balance their town budget they turned to wind.

Kensington was faced with a C$50,000 annual electrical bill for their wastewater treatment plant — a significant expense for a community of only 1500 residents. By harnessing the wind resource blowing through their town, they were able to quickly identify that with the right turbine, they could pay for their capital investment and start reaping the benefits of free energy within five years.

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