Wind Turbine Lease Program

Generate More Value for Your Business by Investing in Wind!

Would you rather see your monthly energy bills simply lost as operating expenses or contributing to an investment that builds equity in your business? Northern Power Systems is now offering a solution for the US Farmers or Commercial and Manufacturing Businesses. Our Wind Power Ownership program enables business owners to convert their energy bills into an energy investment.

The program provides the same simple solution to generate your own electricity while preserving money for your business month after month. With 100% financing, and payments spread over seven years, Wind Power Ownership offers a clear line of sight to predictable cost of energy and reduced overall energy expenditures.

Northern Power Systems is the leading manufacturer of 100kW distributed wind turbines in the United States, and has over 500 units installed globally. With Wind Power Ownership, Northern Power Systems now provides a turnkey solution that includes operation and maintenance during the lease period–all available today, hassle-free, and with 100% financing.

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To learn more about our lease program, visit our dedicate Wind Power Ownership page

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