NPS 2.x

Building on our 40-year heritage of wind turbine development, the Northern Power 2.x MW family of utility wind turbines are an evolutionary design based on the NPS 100 and more than 50 years of cumulative field operating experience. Since 2011 there are two NPS 2.3-93 wind turbines in successful operation in Michigan, and in 2012, the NPS 2.3-93 earned full DNV type certification.

Technology Highlights

Advanced Sectional Permanent Magnet Generator: Our proprietary low speed permanent magnet (PM) generator is optimized for efficient energy capture with a higher power curve. Unlike other generator types, PM generators do not need to be energized to produce electricity, which allows for more net energy production.

  • 20% less weight of magnet materials
  • 75% fewer stator coil assemblies
  • Higher power density
  • Easier to fabricate and assemble

Direct Drive (DD): Wind energy is converted directly into electricity without the moving parts, losses, reliability, and service issues associated with gearboxes in conventional wind turbines.

  • No gearbox

Full Power Conversion: Our proprietary full power converter, in combination with our PM generator, optimizes overall power train performance. This optimized system results in more power delivered onto the grid.

  • Software-enabled advanced topology
  • 40% fewer IGBTs
  • 50% fewer capacitors
  • Higher Power Curve

Up-Tower Electrical Architecture: Our full power converter and main transformer are located up-tower. Electricity is converted to medium voltage closer to the point of generation, minimizing long power cable losses between components. This layout results in increased efficiency and lower electrical losses, yielding more revenue-generating power.

  • Redundant power paths
  • Sectional/Modular = field replaceable + higher reliability
  • 2006 American Wind Energy Association Technology Award
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