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WIND turbine: Northern Power 100

Northern Power 100 Wind Turbine

Download Northwind 100 (PDF)At 100 kilowatts of rated power, the Northern Power 100 (previously known as the Northwind 100) is a technological masterpiece with its innovative gearless direct drive design, permanent magnet generator, best-in-class reliability, and pleasing aesthetics. We optimized performance of the Northern Power 100 for low wind speeds, so you don't have to live in a wind tunnel to benefit from wind power. Our turbines begin making power at wind speeds as low as 3 meters per second (6 mph) and can provide clear economic benefits in all kinds of wind regimes.

An engineering advancement in simplicity and precision, our Permanent Magnet Direct Drive technology maximizes energy capture and outperforms conventional gearbox designs. Our state-of-the-art full power converter design provides smooth, clean power to local grids, simplifying grid interconnect and adding to grid stability to make the Northern Power 100 the best choice for a variety of applications:

The Northern Power 100 comes in two sizes and an Arctic version. Please review specification sheets for each model to the left to determine which turbine is best suited for your needs and location.

Discover the Northern Power 100 and harness the most advanced technology in its simplest form to create solutions for your renewable energy needs. For additional information call 1-877-90-NORTH or click here to Get Started Now.

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