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Wind power for microgrids: Microgrids turning to wind power

Wind-solar microgrid at Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Wind-solar microgrid at Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Wind power for microgrids

Whether it’s in combination with solar, small hydro, diesel or other power sources, the clean, renewable energy of wind power is gaining popularity on microgrids around the world.

WHAT IS A MICROGRID? Microgrids are modern, small-scale versions of a centralized utility. They achieve specific local goals, such as reliability, carbon emission reduction, diversification of energy sources, and cost reduction. Microgrids can function either entirely on their own or in coordination with a main grid. Like the main grid, microgrids generate, distribute, and regulate the flow of electricity to consumers, but do so locally. Microgrids are an ideal way to integrate renewable resources on a local level.

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