Spotlight: Dairy Farms

Wind Power for Dairy Farms

You work every day to keep milk production up. The wind can work every day to keep your energy costs down.

Perhaps more than other kinds of business owners, farmers have to work hard to maximize profits and keep expenses to a minimum in the face of mounting uncertainties—fluctuating market prices, drought, storms, disease, and a volatile energy landscape.

And for energy intensive farms like Dairies – which consume on average 800-1200 kilowatt-hours per cow every year – the uncertainty of future electricity costs is secondary only to the surety of today’s expense.  Electricity is integral to the day to day business of a dairy farm, whether it is used for ventilation, keeping cows comfortable, or cooling milk.

It’s no wonder that in recent years, Northern Power has seen a surge of interest from Dairy Farms who want – who need – to make their own electricity from the wind.  It is one sure-fire way for these farmers to take control of their current and future costs.

miller sonshine acres and turbines long and wide

Miller Sonshine Acres Farm in Corfu, NY had over 2800 cows – and a pretty big electricity bill – when they bought their first wind turbine.


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