Wind Power Applications

Each NPS100 customer is unique, as it their reason for implementing commercial scale windpower. Generally, however, the most popular categories that best benefit from an NPS100 are:


corn and two turbinesMore than any other business, a farm’s bottom line depends on climate. So it’s fitting that the wind turbines that so many farmers are erecting to take immediate control of electricity costs are also doing their part in the long term climate change fight as well. Dairy farms in particular use huge amounts of electricity for ventilation and refrigeration, and are among the fastest growing segments that Northern Power has seen. Growers of crops also benefit, especially if they utilize dryers or other electricity-intense processes. Garden centers and other agricultural businesses benefit the same way. An NPS100 allows grazing or growing to occur right underneath, and it fits well into the farming landscape as well as the rural communities where they are located. That’s why you’ll find an NPS100 turbine (or two!) spinning on farms in places like Corfu, NY; Yuma, CO; Bayard, IA; St. Francis, KS; Dunkirk, OH; Bridport, VT; and many more.


Water treatment plants, municipal sports complexes, large municipal buildings use a lot of energy. Many citizens can get behind working to fight climate change, and ALL citizens can get behind the money savings that comes with it.  Today the NPS100 helps communities like Hemstead, New York and Barnstable, Massachusetts save money and the environment at the same time.


When a local school saves money on electricity, all taxpayers win. When our future leaders are exposed to the promise of renewable energy on a daily basis, the world wins. Today the NPS100 shows students what is possible in Camden, Maine; Medford, Massachusetts; Wasau, Wisconsin; McGuffy, Ohio and in many more communities around the country.


Similar to high schools in their interest in raising overall awareness with students and surrounding communities, universities have an additional opportunities to capitalize on an investment in wind power at the commercial scale. They can develop specialized training programs around not only wind turbine service and technology, but computer science programs can develop curriculum that makes use of the data that is embedded in every NPS turbine monitoring software package.  Some colleges that have already done that are Appalachian State University, New England Technical College, Cloud County Community College, Richland Community College, and many more.


For many businesses, the visible demonstration of green values is as valuable as the cost savings that go directly to the bottom line. Already in the United States, the NPS100 is providing electricity to ski mountains, hotels and resorts, a printing business, a recycling center, a construction company, a farming equipment dealer, a grocery store, an auto dealer, and more.

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