Wind for Local Government

Wind for Local Government

Municipalities are expected to maintain public services and infrastructure while balancing budgets and keeping taxes under control. In an environment of rising energy costs, installing an NPS 100 system can reduce energy costs and support budget stability for years to come.. Turbine installations at energy-laden facilities like wastewater treatment plants, town garages, local schools, municipal offices, libraries, firehouses and police stations can support critical operations, even providing resiliency when implemented as part of an islanded microgrid. Beyond the clear benefits that come with saving money, local governments can project an image of sustainability and cost consciousness to their neighbors, visitors, and residents.

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Wind_For_Local Government_Cascade water Treatment Plant - Two Towers


“With these two turbines, the Village of Cascade has taken a giant step toward energy independence. Its prudent investment in wind will enable the community to control its budget, saving money for current and future residents.”  – Michael Vickerman, Executive Director of Renew Wisconsin


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