Wind for Farms

Energy Savings for Farmers

Perhaps more than other kinds of business owners, farmers have to work hard to maximize profits and keep expenses to a minimum in the face of mounting uncertainties—fluctuating market prices, drought, storms, disease, and a volatile energy landscape. Although the team at Northern Power Systems cannot control the weather, our state-of-the-art turbines can harness the wind and take the unpredictability out of electrical costs.

Farmers across the country are already safeguarding their agricultural or dairy operations against rising utility bills and making their farms leaner and more profitable businesses. Isn’t it time for you to investigate whether wind is right for you?

5 Reasons why farmers are choosing to grow with wind power

STABLE  – AND LOWER – COST OF POWER It’s impossible to predict what will happen with the market price of electricity, but most don’t believe it will be going down. When you make your own power with a wind turbine,  you know what your electricity will be costing you for 20 years or more, and it’s sure to be lower than what you are paying now, not to mention lower than future costs. So you can safeguard your operational budget against the volatile and increasing costs of energy, and free up money to make other investments into your farm or processing facility.

TAX ADVANTAGES Between the federal investment tax credit and rules for claiming depreciation on wind turbines, an investment in wind power today translates to real value, including significant tax credits starting in year one.

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE When you make your own power, you are no longer at the whim of other forces being able to seriously impact your bottom line.  Your wind turbine will help you take control of your farm’s future.

THE “GREENING” OF BUSINESS Farms that use wind power in their daily operations are valued by discerning consumers and the wholesalers and markets who serve them. Your wind turbine can put you at a competitive advantage. It may even bring you a premium price from those who are willing to pay more to support sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices.

A NEW CROP: Whether your farm produces milk, beef, corn, or any number of different edibles – you can now add one more crop to your output: electricity.  You may even be able to sell excess power back to your utility (check your state’s net metering laws or your utility’s Feed-In-Tariff opportunities).

Get your cost of energy estimate today. With just an address, the Northern Power team can determine the specific wind conditions at your site and provide a very good estimate of how much your electricity will cost if you owned and operated your own wind turbine.  If the projected cost of wind power is less than what you are paying now, you owe it to yourself to investigate further… you really cannot afford not to.

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