Wind for Diesel Grids

Wind for Diesel Grids

Whether you are an electric coop utility or business located in a remote area, if you generate power through a diesel grid, you may share the concerns of an unstable future. Your business model’s long-term efficacy is likely challenged on a daily basis by rising fuel costs, fuel transportation and storage issues, and diesel generator maintenance. At the same time, you—and the community you serve—have environmental considerations that drive you to seek clean, renewable alternatives. Until recently, wind power was overlooked due to the concerns around grid stability, however with the NPS 100 wind turbines, diesel grid owner/operators can safely and effectively add wind power to their grid without complex system design enhancements!

Offering Seamless Integration for Diesel Grids Northern Power Systems has been a leader in wind power technology for almost 40 years and has logged years of experience integrating wind power into remote diesel grids around the world. The result of this significant knowledge has culminated in the leading-edge design of the NPS 100-21 and NPS 100-24 wind turbines. The turbine’s advanced technology — plus our supporting controls, monitoring, products and services — allows for seamless integration into existing diesel grids and the displacement of up to 70% of onsite diesel fuel use.

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“Only 5% of our generating capacity is wind powered, yet 6.5% of all AVEC’s electricity generated in 2013 came from wind.”  –  Meera Kohler, CEO and President, AVEC

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