Wind for Business/Corporates

Wind for Business/Corporates

Whether you own a garden center, factory, ski resort, or run a multi-site chain operation, as a business owner you are faced with keeping costs down while remaining profitable. However, operational costs can be difficult to forecast, especially in the context of unpredictable energy costs. While you may not be able to predict the future, you can make savvy business decisions that are forward thinking and financially sound—like harnessing the wind that blows across parking lots and rooftops and turning it into a clean energy investment that can make a real difference in the bottom line from one year to the next.

When you invest in an NPS100, you are making significant strides toward ensuring a stable and more predictable cost of power for your business. In addition, a wind turbine represents a visible demonstration of your business values – and a new place to put your logo!

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“Customers say, these guys really have the turbine for the right reasons, they’re not just trying to get people in to sell them cars.”   – George Byers Kauffman, VP of Byers Automotive Group

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