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Watch the replay: “Sub-second Islanding and Blackstart”

Watch the informative webinar on how NPS and UET configured the Avista project to seamlessly Island within sub-seconds for critical load support.

Click here to watch the replay:  “Sub-second Islanding and Blackstart”


October 13, 2017  WEBINARNorthern Power Systems and UET will be co-hosting a webinar entitled Sub-second Islanding and Blackstart.  Learn how Northern Power and UET configured the Avista project to seamlessly Island within sub-seconds for critical load support.

An increased focus on resiliency has made islanding a critical requirement for utilities and commercial-industrial facilities.

While a traditional UPS needs to be justified with the value of resiliency alone, energy storage can combine resiliency with the economic benefits of grid services – making it a viable option for a larger group of users.

Northern Power Systems and UET Technologies have been developing innovative solutions in the energy storage sector for years. Together, the companies implemented the Avista project which provides seamless islanding for critical load support. Next Friday, team leaders for that project from both companies will review key insights around what it takes to enable sub-second islanding and blackstart capabilities.

“Sub-second Islanding and Blackstart from UET and Northern Power Systems”
Friday, October 13
11:00 am PST

CLICK HERE to visit the UET contact page and register

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