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Triad Recycling and Energy Case Study

Triad Case StudyThe first Northern Power turbine at Triad was installed in 2016 to support the company’s expansion into new recycling technologies, leveling energy costs and load for their new drywall gypsum board recycling/grinding process. When they first installed the 300 horsepower equipment, it caused Triad’s energy load/power bill to jump considerably. “The wind turbine is relieving that cost pressure,” said John Hannon, Vice President at Triad.

“We turn on the line when the wind is blowing.” said Hannon. “That will make a big difference to our bottom line.”

In the first six months of 2017, Triad’s first turbine has produced over 97,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. At the going rate of approximately 11 cents per kilowatt hour in costs from the utility, that production can be valued at over $10,000 worth of energy. Additional savings from reducing demand charges have not yet been calculated, but are expected to be significant.

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