Northern Power Systems


SmartView Technology

Northern Power Systems has applied 25 years of integration experience to develop our proprietary SmartView technology – a unique, user-friendly, and real-time monitoring, control, and reporting platform for our wind power systems. SmartView enables Northern Power Systems to serve customers in a variety of value-added ways, including:

  • AdminView: Real-time monitoring, reporting, and supervisory controls for wind turbine owners
  • PublicView: Web-based monitoring and basic trends for wind turbine owners to share with the public
  • StudentView: Provides a snapshot of turbine performance, energy output, and historical trends among other data that educators can utilize in lesson plans and classroom discussions.
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities: We can help manage a wind turbine anywhere in the world from our offices in Vermont.

“Our proprietary SmartView technology allows us to serve our customers' unique needs.”

– Nick Borland, Software Engineer

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