Talbot County Renewable Energy Demonstration Project

Talbot County Renewable Energy Demonstration Project: Wind and sun: County profits from going green

The installation of three NPS 100-21s at the Talbot County Maryland Department of Public Works was part of a Renewable Energy Demonstration Project. Since the project’s completion in mid-2012, Talbot County has saved over $60,000 in electricity costs through the use of renewable energy and has generated over $350,000 in revenue from renewable energy sources. That adds up to an
economic benefit that exceeds $400,000 in the three years since the project was launched.

The wind turbines and solar panels at the biosolids facility were built with 100% funding from a $3.8 million grant that the county was awarded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The county chose to install wind turbines along with solar panels to compare the electricity production from each renewable energy source.

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