Scottish dairy fights rising energy prices with wind

Stewart Tower Dairy NPS 100

Stewart Tower Dairy NPS 100

Stewart Tower Dairy produces high quality milk which they use to create a range of award winning Italian gelato ice creams. With energy prices constantly increasing, owner Neil Butler realised they needed to make changes in order to maintain a profitable business.

In 2010 Stewart Tower Dairy paid over £1,300 per month for electricity. By the end of 2012, their monthly bills had risen to about £2,000. Neil started investigating his options and decided a wind turbine was required to keep control of his energy costs.

After investigating all the possible options the NPS 100 from Northern Power Systems was chosen. The overriding factor for his decision was that the 100kw turbine produces a high annual energy production (AEP) that maximizes the benefit from the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) programme.

Another advantage of the NPS 100 is that it features the patented Permanent Magnetic Direct Drive (PM/DD) rather than a traditional gear box. Neil comes from an engineering background and understands that gearboxes are points of breakdown and can increase maintenance costs. A gearbox driven turbine nearby to him reports they are servicing theirs every 800 hours (roughly every three months) compared to only once a year with the NPS 100.

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