Sound Investment in Wind Energy

White Wind Monteleone

Italy is the world’s ninth  largest producer of wind power with an installed capacity beyond 9,000 MW in 2015 and growing. Small wind turbines are popular in Italy – they not only provide  much-needed electricity but they have also proven to be sound investments. White Wind Monteleone is an excellent example.

Puglia, an Italian region blessed by picturesque towns and villages, national parks, olive groves and vineyards, and one of  Europe’s largest colony of pink flamingos, also has abundant wind. White Wind Monteleone is a small wind turbine project in the hill town of Monteleone di Puglia, in Foggia province. It produces over 200,000 kWh per year which feeds into the grid.

The small wind power market in Italy is investment-driven using reliable green technology to provide much needed energy to replace dirty legacy plants. White Wind was founded in 2009, brainchild of Valentino Capparella, to invest in renewable energy projects. Its four members consist of an architect, two lawyers and an engineer. They installed the first NPS turbine in March 2015 in Monteleone di  Puglia which proved to be a good investment with production exceeding expectations. The facility is located in a very windy and prominent area, selected by White Wind. Thanks to the success of this first initiative, the company plans three further NPS plants in 2016.

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