With over 50 service technicians located around the globe, a 24-hour rapid response program, and remote monitoring centers staffed in North America, Italy, and the United Kingdom, the Northern Power Service team is poised to help you with any aspect of your storage or renewable-based project.

We do more than just support implementation of Northern’s products and technologies. The company got its start developing and supporting remote power systems and micro
grids around the world. That experience, combined with years of supporting advanced turbines, power controllers, and inverters in complex grid environments, has given us deep experience in supporting many different kinds of renewable technologies in various applications.

Whatever your needs, Northern Power will be able to offer you customized solutions, covering a wide range of needs and competencies. Whether you are looking for the best turbine for your site or you need maintenance activities for one or more installed renewable energy systems (manufactured by Northern Power or third parties), Northern has you covered!

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