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Reliable in extreme winds

NPS 100 Reliable in extreme winds

Reliable in extreme winds

The stormy week of 26 January through 3 February 2013 brought severe gales and storm force winds to all parts of the United Kingdom. Wind gusts reached 85 mph in northern Scotland and up to 65 mph further south. The highest recorded gust by the Met office reached 135 mph. Waves pounded the coast as high winds battered the country. Vehicles were blown over by strong gusts and trees were uprooted. The heavy rains caused devastating flooding including landslides that caused seaside homes to slump into the sea.

When Mother Nature becomes wild, there is nothing more important than safety. As a testament to the design and engineering behind Northern Power Systems turbines, all 74 units that were in the path of Hurricane Sandy when it blasted through in November 2012, were undamaged by the high winds.

On 24 August, 2011 Hurricane Irene strengthened into a category 3 hurricane as it passed over the Bahamas. The island of Over Yonder Cay took a direct hit as winds reached 107 mph. The two NPS 100 turbines on the island detected the high winds and entered safe mode. Once the winds dropped below dangerous levels, the turbines started generating electricity again without any repairs or damaged components. Following the hurricane, the island owners installed a third Northern Power® turbine to help power the off-grid island.

Northern Power Systems turbines are reliable in extreme winds, from Scotland to the Caribbean to Alaska.

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