NPS 100

At 100 kilowatts of rated power, with a 21- or 24-meter rotor, the NPS 100 offers best in class annual energy production, safety and reliability for farms, businesses, schools and hospitals.

NPS 60

Originally developed with NASA and designed for remote and isolated sites, the NPS 100 has an innovative gearless direct drive, permanent magnet generator, best-in-class reliability, and pleasing aesthetics. We optimized performance for low wind speeds. Our turbines begin making power at wind speeds as low as 3 meters per second (6 mph) and can provide clear economic benefits in all kinds of wind regimes.

The Hurricane Resistant™ NPS 100 has a flawless track record of surviving extreme winds, from the bitter colds of Alaska to the hurricanes of the Caribbean. Its advanced technology and over 4 million hours of cumulative run time makes them the most reliable and proven turbines in their class.

  • Optimized for the highest annual energy production
    • The NPS 100-21 is designed for high wind sites and is also available in an Arctic version
    • The NPS 100-24 delivers optimal power generation in low to moderate wind speeds
    • The NPS 100 comes with a standard mono-pole tower in either 23, 30 or 37 meter options
  • Simple and precise Our PMDD technology maximizes energy capture, outperforms conventional gearbox designs, and reduces maintenance costs
  • Plug and play Our state-of-the-art full power converter design provides smooth, clean power to local grids, simplifying grid interconnect and adding to grid stability to make the NPS 100 the best choice for a variety of applications.
  • Easier permitting Low visual impact, tower height options, and quiet performance.
    • The NPS 100 comes with an internal-climb monopole tower in either 23-, 30- or 37-meter options.
  • Reliability and peace of mind Our robust, reliable gearless design coupled with our factory warranty, 24×7 system monitoring and local service assure continued performance and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Arctic model Capable of operating in the harshest of cold weather conditions in temperatures as low as -40C.

The NPS 100 is being installed globally at university campuses, businesses, resorts, and farms. Our turbines produce local power at the source of the need without having a negative impact on the environment or the community setting in which they stand.

Brochures with Specifications

NPS 100-21 North America

NPS 100-24 North America

Rest of world: NPS 100-21

Rest of World NPS 100-24

NPS 100-21 Arctic

NPS 100-24 Arctic


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