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FlexPhase™  Power Converter

Northern Power Systems is a 40–year old manufacturer of world-leading mid-sized wind turbines. These are built with over 100MW of NPS designed converters delivering seamless power in some of the harshest operating environments with some of the most demanding duty cycles in the  power generation industry.Northern Power Systems’ FlexPhase modular power converter can be quickly and easily customized for your energy storage application.

Northern Power’s FlexPhase™ modular power converter can be quickly and easily customized for your energy storage application. The FlexPhase power converter is full four quadrant capable at any power factor, with response times of less than 1mS and capable of seamless switching between both on grid and off grid operations.

Product range

  • Power 500 kW to 2000 kW per cabinet
  • DC voltage up to 1150 Vdc
  • Efficiency +/- 98%
  • Operating temp range -25°C to +50°C
  • For use with multiple ESS chemistries

System level experience

Northern Power’s system level approach is to work with our partners to find the best solution for your system’s overall needs. Northern Power has over 40 years of experience providing quality power renewable energy products and systems to the utility industry. Our converters can meet the requirements of IEC, IEEE, and UL as needed for your application and location.

Fleet management

Northern Power’s Fleet monitoring and management globally proven technology and solutions for over 400 wind turbine installations now extending to energy storage power converters and systems.

Remote diagnostic support through remote access to the equipment onsite. Operational data is logged and available for both NPS’s  and customer’s review via NPS’ own SmartView platform or similar logging capabilities.

Global O&M capabilities

Northern Powers’ annual preventative maintenance is performed by an NPS employee or an NPS certified technician currently at installations around the world.

  • Tier 1 onsite services
  • Tier 2 & 3 remote support
  • Remote component level diagnostics
  • Global spare parts service
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