Northern Power Systems’ wind turbines and power technology have a proven record working with solar, small hydro, diesel or other power sources in microgrids.

We have been an integral part of the evolving microgrid market for over 40 years. Our technology has been used in microgrid projects from Alaska and Hawaii to Newfoundland and the Bahamas to Antarctica.

Microgrids are modern, small-scale versions of a centralized utility. They achieve specific local goals, such as reliability, carbon emission reduction, diversification of energy sources, and cost reduction. Microgrids can function either entirely on their own or in coordination with a main grid. Like the main grid, microgrids generate, distribute, and regulate the flow of electricity to consumers, but do so locally.


NPS technology is the best choice for microgrids:

Smooth power

Our wind turbines and converters ensure steady voltage and no inrush current. In the real world this means your lights won’t dim, your sensitive electronics won’t be at risk, and other power sources on the grid are not stressed.

Stable energy supply

NPS technology has the ability to control reactive power independently of wind speed means reliably meeting energy demands. Power set-point control allows the NPS 100 and NPS 60 wind turbines to contribute the greatest amount of wind energy in all operating conditions. For example, in a wind-diesel hybrid system, this means consuming less diesel fuel and less generator maintenance.

Ultra low operations & maintenance costs

Permanent Magnet Direct Drive technology has a lower cost of ownership than conventional gearbox-based designs.

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