Power Converter MW-Scale

Northern Power’s FlexPhase FP2000 Power Converter is optimal for MW-scale energy storage applications. Designed for all main energy storage applications (frequency & voltage regulation and ride-through, incl. full four quadrant P & Q combinations, time shifting, peak shaving and -shifting, ramp rate control, renewable integration, hybrid grids), our FP2000 Power Converter is both grid-parallel and island modes supported, with ability to transition seamlessly between these modes (EnergyBridgeTM).

  • Three single phase 300 kVA modules per 900 kVA inverter
  • Unique circuit yields high performance with less stress, lower cost and higher reliability than a traditional 2-level converter:
  • 2x Control bandwidth
  • 1/5th filter size
  • Staggered phase
  • 1/3rd DC capacitor current
  • 45% switching frequency (20% fewer IGBTs)


Key Benefits

The Northern Power Systems’ FlexPhase technology was developed for advanced grid support and power generation applications. Our inverter’s unique design and control technology allow for seamless integration with any energy storage systems.

  • Modular, compact design, allows for flexibility; plug & play modules – minimal O&M
  • Customizability to specific needs
  • Fastest response time – less than 1 ms
  • High efficiency (up to 98.7%)
  • Battery-friendly: Low DC ripple, various DC protection options
  • Black-start enabled, advanced droop control, islanding capability, microgrid ready

Product Options

Northern Power Systems’ system level approach is to work with our partners to find the best solution for your overall needs. We can supply a stand alone power converter system or a complete balance of system solution for your application.

  • 1 or 2 inverters (1200Amps AC each Max DC voltage 1150 volts)
  • 1 or 2 AC withdrawable, motorized breakers or switches
  • Optional DC pre-charge circuits
  • Optional second auxiliary input source, internal UPS
  • Optional liquid cooling (indoor; IP54) vs integrated (outdoor; IP65)
  • Communication protocols: PROFINET, Modbus TCP & CAN

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