FlexPhase Technology

The FlexPhase™ platform offers a modular approach with a very small footprint and 20-year design life. The NPS FlexPhase inverter technology was developed for advanced grid support and power generation applications. This patented inverter architecture along with its advanced PowerRouter® control technology qualify Northern Power Systems power converter platform to meet the needs of most energy storage applications. Our power converters can be quickly and easily configured for your application.


Single Phase Bi-directional Power Modules Include:

  • Power semiconductors (IGBTs)
  • DC bus
  • AC filters
  • EMI filtering
  • Cooling
  • Data acquisition and protection
  • Smart module tracking
  • Sensor calibration
  • Plug and play capabilities


FlexPhase Technology: Future Proof Checklist

  • What battery technology will you use for your project today – and will you refit projects or change technology tomorrow based on available technology and cost?

FlexPhase platform matches any battery chemistry due to super-wide VDC range.

  • What circuit protection requirements do you have today – and will they change tomorrow?

FlexPhase platform can come with minimum protection (internal fuses) to full protection (with automated switches) on DC side.

  • What battery speed (C-Rate) will you need now – and what will be required by your grid operator tomorrow?

FlexPhase platform can be ordered as e.g. 1 MW version today – and refitted to 2 MW for higher C-rate with more advanced battery.

  • How much space will you have for your projects and applications – and could it change over time?

FlexPhase platform matches nearly any space with its extreme compactness: Unparalleled power density (indoor 1 MW and 2 MW unit WxHxD excluding cooling = 2.6 x 2.2 x 0.9 m).

  • Do you have an outdoor or indoor environment – if indoor: Where to place the cooling?

FlexPhase platform comes outdoor or indoor configuration. For indoor use, the cooling unit is separate, optional and can be set up within the battery container, in any other room or outdoor.

  • Do you have cooling available elsewhere and can you use it for the power converter too?

If you have a chilled-water cooling system available already, it can also be used with the FlexPhase platform to save cost.

  • How many DC sources (batteries, PV, others) if any, do you plan on adding to your storage system to hybrid tomorrow?

FlexPhase platform can be ordered with multiple DC ports for maximum flexibility independent of EMS today.

  • How do you want to monitor your system today and tomorrow?

FlexPhase platform comes with an all-industry standard communication protocols and interfaces, from MODBUS to CAN and Ethernet to RS485.

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