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Resort microgrid generates one million kwh of wind energy

Over Yonder Cay NPS 100's

Over Yonder Cay NPS 100’s

Innovative renewable energy island resort generates one million kWh of wind energy… and counting!

Over Yonder Cay harnesses the natural power of the wind and sun to meet 96% of its energy needs. In mid-2013, the microgrid at Over Yonder Cay hit the major milestone of generating 1 million kWh of wind energy. That’s enough to power 89 average US homes for a year or one beautiful Bahamian resort. This also translates into saving more than 77,000 US gallons/291,000 liters of diesel per year, or eliminating more than 8401 tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere every year.

The island’s comprehensive energy system now includes three Northern Power 100 kW wind turbines and a 1.5 acre 375 kW solar field. Two turbines were installed in October 2010 and the third turbine was added after the original two survived Hurricane Irene in August 2011. A battery bank adds 6 MWh of stored energy to the system to smooth the supply of energy to the island loads from the variable wind and solar sources. This battery has the capacity to power the island on its own for two days. If there is not enough wind or solar energy production for a prolonged period of time, diesel generators automatically start to provide 400kW of power to the island. Due to the ideal wind and solar conditions on Over Yonder Cay, these backup systems are rarely engaged.

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