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Teacher brings the lessons of wind power right to the classroom

Wausau East High School

Wausau East High School

Lessons of wind power in the classroom: Wausau East High School

Lauren Ebbecke, Energy Educator of the Year for Wisconsin, wanted to do more than teach energy lessons from a textbook. With the support of the school district, the local community and a private foundation, she led the creation of Wisconsin’s first High School Renewable Energy Center, featuring Northern Power’s NPS 100-21 wind turbine. Gaining local approval for the project was easy, given the NPS 100’s right fit, reliable, safe and quiet operation, and ample educational opportunities. Wausau East put up the turbine with the hope to inspire students to go into a field of alternative energy.

The student’s were even more enthusiastic. “All the kids, from the youngest to the oldest, were excited about the turbine. Every day they’d ask, ‘When’s it going to turn?’ And every day I’d say, ‘Soon. I promise.’”

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