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BTI Energy and Northern Power Systems bring ideal wind technology to small businesses

BTI Energy and Northern Power Systems bring ideal wind technology to small businesses
Partnership delivers clean, cost effective and reliable renewable energy to American businesses

GBC turbineBarre, VT USA (30 December 2014) – Northern Power Systems (, a next-generation renewable energy technology company, and BTI Energy are partnering to install multiple wind turbines across the U.S. Northern Power’s NPS 100-24 turbine features a newly optimized rotor configuration which allows for higher annual energy production and gives BTI Energy the ability to install quality wind turbines for customers at sites with lower wind speeds and historically lower electricity rates.

BTI Energy only works with the industry’s elite manufacturers ensuring that customers have the best-in-class technologies for their projects. They have successfully installed over 170 wind projects throughout North America. BTI Energy is committed to the success of each project. From installation to ongoing support, they provide licensed, trained, and certified professionals who are timely and efficient.

“I have long held Northern Power Systems’ 100kW wind turbine in high regard as the most reliable and easy to maintain wind turbine in the smaller distributed wind market.  Because of the high annual energy production, we consider the NPS 100-24 to be the most cost effective turbine in this market,” said Andrew Trapanese, VP Operations for BTI Energy.

“We are very excited about BTI Energy and their support of American-made distributed wind generation assets in their growing fleet. These opportunities represent a renewed interest from small business owners wanting to proactively control their increasing cost of energy with cost effective renewable energy solutions. Thousands of dollars blow over their facilities every month, so why not harvest it,” said Trevor Atkinson, Sales & Business Development Manager Americas at Northern Power Systems.

The latest Northern Power/BTI Energy installation has generated approximately 30,000 kw-hrs for Golden Belt Communications (GBC) in just its first month of operation, exceeding GBC’s expectations and saving them in excess of $3,000 in energy expenses. Golden Belt Communications has a 60 year history as a communications cooperative that offers its members the latest in technology and communications. It represents the first rural full service communications company customer for Northern Power Systems or BTI Energy, and both companies believe that more businesses in the telecommunications segment can save considerable money on their electric bills by using NPS 100 wind turbines to produce their own energy.

“One way Golden Belt Communications decided to remain sustainable was by investing in a Northern Power wind turbine. Not only does it cut back on our monthly expenses, it also allows us to take advantage of the turbulent weather conditions in Western Kansas providing us with affordable and reliable power, all while supporting one of our local businesses,” said Beau Rebel, General Manager, Golden Belt Communications.

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