Hyannis Country Garden Center chooses wind energy

Owner Diana Duffley

Owner Diana Duffley with her NPS 100 wind turbine

A blossoming garden center chooses renewable wind energy

In 2004, Hyannis Country Garden owner Diana Duffley returned from a family trip to Denmark an inspired woman. The wind turbines she saw dotting the Danish landscape and the clean, renewable energy independence they symbolized made Diana reflect on her business, community, and family. It was time to start thinking about doing things differently: more efficiently, more responsibly, and even more profitably.

Located in the heart of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Hyannis Country Garden is a full-service, family-owned garden center that began as a produce stand in 1965. The center now uses approximately 205,000 kW hours of electricity every year. Its biggest energy draw comes from the greenhouses and irrigation systems that sustain its beautiful, hearty nursery
stock. Starting in early February, Country Garden begins the indoor growing season while the cold New England winds blow outside. Capturing the wind — the very element that the greenhouses shelter young plants against — and turning it into energy became the root of Northern Power Systems’ direct business solution.

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