Hurricane Resistant™ NPS 100-21 Wind Turbine

With turbines operating in extreme wind regimes such as the Caribbean and northern Scotland, Northern Power Systems fleet of gearless turbines regularly experiences hurricane-speed winds. But why is the NPS 100-21 Hurricane Resistant™ when not every turbine can claim that?

Proper design and control are essential for a renewable energy system to withstand challenging environmental conditions. Reinforced blades, triple braking system, and a gearless design are the key elements that make Northern Power turbines the most reliable small wind turbines available today. They have safely handled all types of weather and wind situations from the blustery conditions of Alaska to the windy shores of the Maritime Provinces of Canada. It has a track record of zero incidents.

In 2011 Hurricane Irene passed through the Bahamas leaving behind a trail of devastation. The island of Over Yonder Cay took a direct hit, yet despite the strength of the storm that toppled other wind turbines on the island, both Northern Power 100 kW wind turbines were undamaged. In 2012 Hurricane Sandy blasted a path up the east coast of the US affecting 74 Northern Power turbines, yet all were undamaged by the high winds. The last week of January 2013 brought severe gales and storm force winds to all parts of the United Kingdom, with gusts reaching 85 mph in northern Scotland, yet none of the Northern Power turbines in the UK were damaged.

During a high wind event, Northern Power turbines automatically enter safe mode. Once conditions return to normal, each turbine starts generating electricity again. Between the safety features built into the turbine and its sophisticated control software, the NPS 100-21 is designed to withstand extreme wind conditions.

“Having been in the wind business since 1974, we know the ultimate test of a wind turbine is not the design specification, but how well it stands up to extreme winds in real life,” said Jonathan Lynch, Chief Technology Officer at Northern Power Systems.

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