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Harvesting electricity for potato storage and income

Newport on Tay NPS 100

Newport on Tay NPS 100

Newington Farm wanted wind turbines to take advantage of the UK Feed-in Tariff and guarantee income for the electricity they generate. It is run as a family affair, with Russell Brown and his wife Hilary’s two sons Robbie and Steven both employed full time in the enterprise. In addition to Newington, the family contract farm another 1600 acres. The route to the installation of the Newington turbine started about four years ago. The family looked online initially because they wanted to see if a wind turbine would benefit their business given the considerable amount of power they used for their potato storage. Following that, they spoke to other farmers who had installed machines and listened to their advice, and then they turned to Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) who proved to be a crucial part of the success. SRUC Carbon Management Centre supports research, learning and consultancy activities that contribute to a reduction of carbon emissions from agriculture and food production.

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