Low Cost 10 Year Government Finance Program

Our Wind Power Savings Report will estimate the following:

  • How much wind you have at your site
  • How much electricity you can make every year with an NPS 100 wind turbine
  • How much money you are likely to save making your own electricity from the wind (including savings variations for three of the most common financing options)


Fill out and submit the form on this page and Northern Power’s analytics team will e-mail you your FREE wind power savings report – customized to your specific address – within 48 hours.

You can also call us toll-free at 833.NPS.INFO (833.677.4636) or email info@northernpower.com – we will get you started!


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“The opportunity with wind for schools is not only to educate tomorrow’s leaders about energy and the environment, but also to gain real savings that can translate to teacher positions, arts programs, and facility improvements”

Michael J. McGlynn, Mayor of Medford, Massachusetts | McGlynn Elementary and Middle School

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