Frequently Asked Questions

Northern Power Systems is now offering a solution for US Farmers, Commercial- and Manufacturing Businesses: Wind Power Ownership

Five frequently asked questions about Wind Power Ownership

  • How much can I save?

If you’re currently paying high electricity rates and can harness good wind speeds you can benefit from our Wind Onwership Program. In order to provide more accuracy and create a tailored offering, we need to analyze your current electricity consumption, electricity cost and your wind resource.

  • What does “100% financing” mean?

Our lease program offer a complete financing solution. We tailor a plan to your needs and circumstances that provides set monthly payments, spread over 7 years. With 100% financing,  there will be no increase of payments during the lease period.

  • What if the wind doesn’t blow?

Your property will always remain connected to the grid, therefore you will not experience any interruptions. We measure our wind turbines’ output on an average wind speed – “no wind” days are compensated by “high wind” days.

  • How easy is it to install a wind turbine?

Planning and permitting is relatively straight forward in the US. In most cases Landowners need to obtain planning consent from the local authorities, after which we can proceed with the Turbine install. NPS takes care of the installation. Your turbine’s service and maintenance is also covered during the lease period.

  • How much energy will the turbine produce?

Our machines produce between 200 and 400 MWh a year – plenty of energy to power your needs.

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