FP2000 Power Converter System

FP2000 Power Converter System for Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Northern Power’s inverter systems combine modular bidirectional inverter modules with controls, thermal management, and AC & DC switchgear in a single enclosure. Specifically engineered for battery energy storage system (BESS) integration, the inverters simplify integration and installation, as well as reduce service and maintenance costs.

Our inverter system is designed to provide cost-effective reliable operation for 20 years in energy storage applications. From Alaska to the South Pole, and including arctic, coastal, tropical island, mountaintop, and desert locations, Northern Power has proven experience with over 200 MW of operating inverters in some of the roughest conditions in the world. We provide monitoring and service contracts for most of our 700+ power systems around the globe, achieving a better than 99.5% availability.

Key Benefits

Northern Power’s proprietary FlexPhase™ technology was developed for advanced grid support and power generation applications. Our inverter’s unique modular design and control technology allow for seamless integration with any energy storage system.

  • Small footprint, high efficiency, flexible and configurable
  • Fully integrated, highly efficient liquid cooling system
  • Close coupled transformer bus connections reduce installation cost
  • Dynamic stability model meeting WECC and IEC standard formats available in PSLF or PSS®E
  • Smart inverter control features in accordance with California rule 21 and UL1741 SA
  • PowerRouter® control technology options provides grid-friendly stabilization of weak grids and microgrids, including black start and seamless islanding & resynchronization
  • Control technology supports UPS-like functionality for power resiliency applications
  •  Interface to meet any grid code; includes features for VAR support, frequency response, voltage regulation, LVRT, and HVR

Product Options

FP200 general product rangeNorthern Power FP2000 series inverters have a number of options to optimize the cost and functionality of a complete energy storage system.

  • Flexible DC connection configurations include DC contactor, overcurrent protection options, and various DC combiner options
  • Single or dual inverter cabinet designs connected through separate or common AC switchgear
  • Various auxiliary power configurations which can include redundant sources and UPS options
  • Standard 2-year warranty, extended warranty up to 10 years

indoor cabinet outdoor cabinet

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