Energy storage solutions showcased in San Jose

logo_city of san joseLast week, we participated in the Energy Storage North America 2014 in San Jose, CA. The program focused on the convergence of energy storage in transportation, distributed generation and utility-scale applications. As a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art power converters and generators, the event was highly successful for our team. We enjoyed meeting energy storage solution (ESS) manufactures, integrators and potential partners in the industry. In particular, the OEM energy storage suppliers we met at the show were particularly interested in learning about our FlexPhase platform for integrating the power control system (PCS) into their product offering.

This particular sector of industry is experiencing enormous growth and expansion, with many new technologies and solutions fueled by ever increasing interest in relieving multiple issues that are concatenating today on many grids. In addition the amount of interest in “behind the meter” solutions seems to be escalating, as end users scramble for resilience, stability and dependability. I’m proud to be working at NPS where thirty years of experience and history in grid stabilization and integration enables us to address all these issues competently, with our CTO Jonathan Lynch and his team of engineers at the forefront of finding solutions effectively.

San Jose is a lovely place to attend an event, with its perpetually cloudless sky, attractive architecture, vibrant community and great restaurants. Silicon Valley is known for its own “vibe” – a mixture of talented minds running the world’s largest technology corporations combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the innovative startups. San Jose University students fill the streets, (mostly) trying not to run over pedestrians as they race through the streets on bikes and skateboards. I forgot my shades, being from the Northeast so I did look like a tourist!

From our perspective, the event was extremely successful. We identified several opportunities that were perfect for our suite of power converter solutions, met several potential partners in both the grid stabilization and the energy storage areas, and found that the market has a strong appetite for our range of solutions.

–Diego Tebaldi, Sr. Director Global Business Development

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