Energy Storage Applications

Northern Power leverages FlexPhase™ power converter technology and PowerRouter® advanced controls, combined with qualified battery technology solutions for megawatt-scale battery energy storage systems. Northern designs complete energy storage systems using lithium-ion, flow and zinc hybrid batteries from leaders in the battery industry.
These technologies are deployed for a wide range of applications:

  • Utilities – Demand Reduction, Transmission & Distribution Upgrade Deferral, Frequency Regulation, Reactive Power, Renewables Integration, Peak Shifting, Capacity
  • Independent Power Producers – Spinning Reserve, Capacity Firming, Reactive Power, Wind and Solar Firming
  • Commercial and Industrial Facilities – Demand Charge Management, Load Shifting, Time-of-Use, Back-Up Power, Critical Load Support, Resiliency
  • Microgrids – Remote/Islanded Operation, Black Start, Optimizing Output from Renewables, Diesel Fuel Savings, Reduced Maintenance, Lower Emissions

To help you work through the complexities of energy storage project development, Northern Power offers system-level design and integration services. Northern works with you to find the best solution for your application through studies and modeling, use-case options and lifetime cost analysis.




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