Energica Case Study

Wind energy is the fastest growing technology among all global energy-generating sources. In 2011 the total installed wind capacity around the world stood at 236 GW, by the end of 2015 that number had almost doubled to 434 GW. With wind energy becoming a mainstream energy source,  investors are increasingly comfortable backing investments. Areas with favorable climatic conditions, topography, and environment have seen dramatic increases in wind energy generation. Italy is one of these markets.

It’s not too surprising to hear that Sicily is the most solar-irradiated region in Italy, but it also has the most wind. In that part of the country, installed wind power rose from zero in 2005 to about 2,000 MW at the end of 2014 and is continuing to increase3.

Energica srl is an Italian company storming ahead with small-scale onshore wind energy, with 19 turbines installed at various Sicilian sites to date and more than 25 units in the pipeline. All are Northern Power Systems (NPS) wind turbines, predominantly NPS 60-24 with 37 meter towers.

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