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Northern Power 100 Wind Turbine

About our Wind Turbine

Originally developed with NASA funding and designed for remote and isolated sites, the Northern Power 100 put reliability and performance at a premium. The Northern Power 100 is a technological masterpiece with its innovative gearless design based on our Permanent Magnet Direct Drive technology. All turbines capture wind, but our team of engineers at Northern Power Systems believes that the Northwind 100 has been meticulously designed to capture it better. Description of Image Goes Here

Whether your wind site is at a school, farm, or business, the Northern Power 100’s sleek, understated profile and quiet operation make it an ideal choice for any community wind power setting, especially those that favor a low height profile, easy utility connect and cost effectiveness. We have also optimized performance of the Northern Power 100 for low wind speeds so that projects located at modest wind sites can also take advantage of the many benefits of wind power.

“I find the turbine to be aesthetically pleasing and rather soothing,”

Says Patricia Barry about Medford, Massachusetts’s Northern Power 100 installation at a local elementary and middle school. Click here to read more about McGlynn Elementary’s wind turbine. 

With our wind turbines going up at university campuses, grocery stores, resorts, and garden centers, people are learning that these community-sized wind turbines make good neighbors. Our turbines produce local power at the source of the need without having a negative impact on the environment or the community setting in which they stand.

Discover the Northern Power 100 and harness the most advanced technology in its simplest form to create solutions for your renewable energy needs.

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