Case Studies

Vermont Cow Power farm also capturing wind energy

The first farm in Vermont to put Cow Power on the electric grid is now capturing wind energy with the NPS100 from Northern Power Systems. Blue Spruce Farm produces over 4 million gallons of top quality milk each year, which is used to make locally produced Cabot Cheese. The family crops 3,000 acres to feed their dairy cows. In 2006 they became the first farm in Vermont to turn cow manure into electricity with a methane digester, and they generate 2.5 million kilowatt hours of […]

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Harvesting electricity for potato storage and income

Newington Farm wanted wind turbines to take advantage of the UK Feed-in Tariff and guarantee income for the electricity they generate. It is run as a family affair, with Russell Brown and his wife Hilary’s two sons Robbie and Steven both employed full time in the enterprise. In addition to Newington, the family contract farm another 1600 acres. The route to the installation of the Newington turbine started about four years ago. The family looked online initially because they wanted to see if a wind […]

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Remote Alaskan villages fight rising diesel prices with wind

Kasigluk and Nunapitchuk, Alaska Only accessible by small aircraft and snowmobiles in the winter, the tight-knit communities of Kasigluk, Old Kasigluk, and Nunapitchuk are known for their fishing, snowmobiling, and high diesel prices. The small villages’ remote locations made reliable and affordable energy a challenge for Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) and the 500 or so Yup’ik Native Alaskan families it serves. AVEC is a non-profit electric utility owned by the residents of 53 remote villages throughout western Alaska. To power these homes, AVEC used […]

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Mayor gives gift of wind to local school

McGlynn Elementary & Middle School, Medford, MA Medford, Massachusetts is a thriving residential and business community with the Boston skyline as its backdrop. This small city is home to over 55,000 residents and a university. In 2004, Mayor Michael McGlynn created the Medford Clean Energy Committee in an effort to become a municipal leader in the use of clean power. Through this effort, the city identified a wind turbine as an ideal solution to meet its 21st century goals of energy independence. The enthusiasm for […]

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Teacher brings the lessons of wind power right to the classroom

Lessons of wind power in the classroom: Wausau East High School Lauren Ebbecke, Energy Educator of the Year for Wisconsin, wanted to do more than teach energy lessons from a textbook. With the support of the school district, the local community and a private foundation, she led the creation of Wisconsin’s first High School Renewable Energy Center, featuring Northern Power’s NPS 100-21 wind turbine. Gaining local approval for the project was easy, given the NPS 100’s right fit, reliable, safe and quiet operation, and ample […]

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First community in Canada with wind powered wastewater treatment plant

Harnessing an island’s natural resource: Kensington, PEI The strong coastal winds that blow on Prince Edward Island (PEI) are no secret — they are part of the scenic landscape that draws visitors from around the world to the beautiful beaches, rolling hills, and the infamous home of “Anne of Green Gables” author, Lucy Maud Montgomery. PEI is home to 133,000 people and over 50 wind turbines that have helped the island stay green by utilizing clean energy and reducing electrical costs. So when it came […]

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