Mars technologies spawn durable wind turbines

NASA Spinoff magazine is an annual review of all the technologies that were invented as a byproduct of the US Space Program. Northern Power has a long history of working with the US government and NASA, so when a reporter from Spinoff Magazine called wanting information, we were all too happy to provide the complete story on how the NPS 100 started life with funding from NASA. Back in the early 1990s, NASA was planning manned missions to Mars and needed a power source that […]

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Hurricane Resistantâ„¢ NPS 100-21 Wind Turbine

With turbines operating in extreme wind regimes such as the Caribbean and northern Scotland, Northern Power Systems fleet of gearless turbines regularly experiences hurricane-speed winds. But why is the NPS 100-21 Hurricane Resistantâ„¢ when not every turbine can claim that? Proper design and control are essential for a renewable energy system to withstand challenging environmental conditions. Reinforced blades, triple braking system, and a gearless design are the key elements that make Northern Power turbines the most reliable small wind turbines available today. They have safely […]

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