Bill’s Dedication


Bill remembers working on wind turbine #7. Currently, Northern’s global fleet stands at 550 turbines. If you factor in our partnership with WEG – that number increases dramatically.

‘I started in the manufacturing more than 7 years ago,’ says Bill. ‘And now, I manage our customers’ experience. The customer journey doesn’t end when we sell the turbine – it’s merely a beginning. We continuously build relations with customers throughout our products lifetime.’

Bill continues: ‘My team takes care of operations and maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and tech upgrades. To be successful, we need to understand what our turbines are doing at all times.’

After being with the company for many years, his passion and excitement for Northern’s products is in a class of its own. He talks about several success data sets, such as 10 million run hours, gigawatts of generated power, carbon offset and above all, our customers’ investment in the future.

Northern relies on folks, like Bill. They are the foundation of our company. Thanks for your dedication, Bill. You’re awesome.

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