ARS Technica Talks Mars, Magnets & Wind Turbines with Norther Power Systems

A little while back, Scott K.Johnson from ARS technica, an online tech trend magazine, visited our facility in Barre, VT. Scott interviewed our COO, Lawrence Willey and our Director of Product Managment, Chris McKay.

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The result – a deep dive into Northern Power System’s technology heritage and our product range:

Inside (literally) wind turbines meant to work at the South Pole—and Mars

Ars visits Northern Power Systems to learn what goes into their wind turbines.

BARRE, Vermont—It started with Mars. In 1993, NASA gave a Small Business Innovation Research grant to Vermont-based Northern Power Systems (NPS) to build a very southern wind turbine—as in, a turbine that could reliably work at the South Pole.

NASA was interested in a wind turbine that could potentially provide power for human exploration of Mars, and the National Science Foundation was interested in some electricity at its South Pole station that didn’t require flying in fuel. NPS set about tackling both challenges in one fell swoop, designing a low-maintenance turbine using components that could survive the deathly Antarctic (or Martian) cold. A few years later, a 3 kilowatt turbine was spinning away at the South Pole.

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