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About Northern Power Systems

Northern Power Systems has been delivering innovative wind energy solutions in a changing landscape for over 34 years. Our partnerships with the Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have helped lay the foundation for Northern Power’s advanced wind turbine technology. From Alaska to Malaysia, our installed base of wind turbines has logged millions of kilowatt-hours of production to date, demonstrating our commitment to performance and reliability.

Our advanced Permanent Magnet Direct Drive technology is opening a new market for wind power solutions beyond the traditional large wind farm applications that have dominated the recent wave of wind turbine development. Today businesses, municipalities, schools and universities, commercial farms, and other mid-sized power users can harness wind power for their own facilities – without having to become experts in wind power generation. Our NPS 100 and NPS 60 wind turbines are designed to be low maintenance and community friendly – making it perfectly suited to bring power that is clean and renewable and lower in cost to mainstream applications across the country.

In March 2011, Northern Power Systems launched a 2.x MW wind turbine into the utility-scale marketplace for wind farm applications. Learn more about the Northern Power 2.x MW permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine.

Northern Power Systems is a fully integrated company that designs, manufactures, sells and services wind turbines and technical services into the global marketplace from its headquarters in Vermont with offices in Massachusetts, USA, as well as Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Italy.

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